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Keno review: rules, odds, and strategies

Even though the name ‘keno’ has French roots, the game is supposedly of Chinese origin. French translation of the game is ‘five winning numbers’ which is particularly interesting because precisely 5 winning numbers is the most statistically probable game outcome (which will be discussed below). The rules of the game are incredibly simple; in fact, it is but one of the variations of a bingo game. The player gets a card with 20 numbers. Further on, a special machine automatically picks a keno ball with a certain number from a keno booth and distributes it to the special tube. The players who have this number in their playing cards, can check one point out of potential twenty. The person who has the most winning combinations by the end of a round wins.

Keno play for free

The development of Internet technology has made a very significant impact on the world of games. Today most hazard and chance games, including keno, can be played online. The most popular option is to join an online casino and start playing there. However, before registering on a certain site, consider several aspects. First of all, all online casinos are subdivided into deposit and non-deposit ones. And even though it is far more exciting to play for money, we would recommend an unexperienced user to start with the non-deposit gambling sites first. Fortunately, there are plenty. Of course, any gambling site will offer you to make a deposit. Yet, most of them also have a free mode play, so, if possible, try sticking to it for the first time.

Keno strategies and facts

Surely, the advice to stick to free non-deposit casino has nothing to do with keno rules and playing experience. Similar to the roulette, this game depends on your luck only, so there are no tips to increase your chances of success. Yet, there are some interesting facts and statistics that might be useful in measuring your potential chances of success.

Winning odds

The odds of hitting all of the twenty numbers on the card are virtually impossible. In fact, the possibility of hitting all of the numbers on your card is less than (0.00000006%). Yet, at the same time, not hitting any numbers is also a highly improbable possibility, which occurs in about 0.11% of all cases. Statistically speaking, you have the highest chances of hitting either four, five, or six numbers on your card. The statistical probability of hitting as many numbers is 20.5%, 23.3%, and 19% consequently. So, as you can see, the title ‘5 winning numbers’ perfectly describes the game, as almost a quarter of all players will have chance to score five numbers on their cards.

Some of the other practically possible combinations include three numbers (about 12% chance), 7 numbers (11% chance), two or eight numbers (almost 5% chance), 9 numbers (almost 2% chance), and just one number (a little bit higher than 1% chance). All other variations are highly improbable, and most of them fail to reach even 0.01-percent limit.

Play Keno for fun

The obvious conclusion here is simple – if you love this game, play it for fun. The chances of winning are approximately 20%. Surely, keno will never make you unbelievably rich, as snatching huge sums of money in a bingo game are practically impossible. Yet, at the same time, you will not lose millions either, as most casino have 5-10 dollar bet limits for the game, and a quarter of all players has a 20% chance of returning (or slightly increasing) their bets. And, of course, if you play for fun and not for profit, you can always make use of non-deposit casino services, or the services of those casinos that give you virtual gambling tickets after your registration.

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