Gonzos Quest

Gonzos Quest slot

Try the slot machine of the new generaion - Gonzos Quest Slot

Gonzos quest slot is an interesting slot with five reels and 20 lines for payments. The winning combinations are formed on the basis of the reels’ rotation. The maximum bet per payline is 50 cents, the minimum is one cent. The bet can be changed at the beginning of each round depending on the preference of the player. The undoubted advantage of this slot game is the ability to play “Gonzo’s Quest” for free or for real money or without registration.

The features of Gonzo's Quest slot game

Gonzos Quest slot contains a Scatter symbol and a symbol Wild. The bonus game is a free spin, it is possible to win multipliers which significantly increase the winning or gives ten free spins. Jackpot is 2500 active bets.

The design of “Gonzo’s Quest” slot game is very different from the others due to the fact that the 3D-animation moves forward, as well as the developers of video slots. In “Gonzo’s Quest” the reels are not spinning as we are accustomed to see it, here the stones are falling! When you receive the biggest prize - an avalanche falls.

The Gameplay

When scrolling, the symbols are falling and then disappear to make room for other symbols. This new product immediately attracted the attention of many players who have long tired of the usual reel spinning. Another interesting difference is the avalanche option. It increases the multiplication factor with every avalanche. The minimum coefficient of “«Gonzo’s Quest» is 5, and the maximum is 15. That is why in the slot «Gonzo’s Quest» gambling without registering is so profitable.

The Wild symbol appears as a question symbol and looks very nice taking into the account the theme of the slot. For novice we will explain: Wild symbol can substitute any desired combination of symbols. Scatter symbol appears as a symbol of free fall. With 3 scatter symbols the player gets 10 free spins. In addition to these symbols in the game there are symbols of the idol of the moon, fire, fish, health, snakes, birds and alligators.

So, “Gonzo’s Quest” is a very interesting, unique and lucrative slot. Due to the non-standard options, you cannot only earn a lot, but it is possible to have fun while playing. “Gonzo's Quest” is one of the brightest representatives of the current generation of gaming machines. It is colorful, beautiful, fun and incredibly generous. This slot will make you completely rethink your attitude to gambling and vending machines. So we owe the Swedish company Net Entertainment for this absolute masterpiece.

First of all, we should note the presence of a plot that machines of the past generations didn’t have. So, bearded conquistador named Gonzo isn’t very tall, but his passion to gold is giant. He runs away from the ship with the old card that can show the way to the legendary golden city. Anyone who gets there will be fabulously rich.

But the plot in a slot machine «Gonzo’s Quest» exists only for a show, for beautiful decoration - no more, it does not fill your wallet with money. Another thing is a gameplay. Everything is arranged so that the money will flow into your pockets.

There are several functions that provide large and frequent wins.

  • Falling Stones - in the formation of the prize lines the signs of which it consists of, are crumbling into dust, and then on the vacant place other stones fall from the top. If new combinations appear, the process is repeated.
  • Avalanche Multipliers - in Falling Stones mode the appearance of each new line is accompanied by a progressive increase in the coefficient: x1, x2, x3, x5.
  • Free Fall - the appearance of three gold symbols in a specific order is rewarded with 10 free spins. During them Falling Stones and Avalanche Multipliers modes continue to operate, but the amount of the progressive rate is higher: x3, x6, x9, x15.
  • Wild – a symbol with a question mark in the center is able to replace any other game symbol.
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